Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CapstoneBI, Competing in Analytics

I'm thrilled to now be working for Capstone Consulting Group, this is an experienced team of guys I've worked with for years. I'm particularly happy that my colleagues are passionate about data analysis, predictive modeling, parameters, fact-based decision making, the future technologies of business intelligence.

Having just started with Capstone, I recently came across the book Competing on Analytics, by Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris and I read it on one of my trips.  Since the book motivated me (yes it got me all pumped up about business intelligence), I have every reason to think the book is great. You should check it out.

Well, I went so far as to incorporate the "Competing on analytics stages model" (page 36) into my initial requirements gathering process as I work with clients to assess how CapstoneBI can support their project plans.  There are five stages in this model... what stage is your company at

1) Analytically Impaired - "flying blind"
2) Localized Analytics - local and opportunistic
3) Analytical Aspirations - begun efforts to integrate data systems
4) Analytical Companies - enterprise-wide perspective, know what to do but not quite there
5) Analytical Competitors - enterprise-wide, big results, sustainable

Like the authors of the book, most companies I meet with are at stages 1 and 2.  I find huge opportunities to positively impact company culture by introducing innovation thru data integration and better centralized access.

For companies at stage 3, unforeseen challenges can stump project momentum, political and beauracratic policies slow the project down.  Users are hungry for new perspective and new information, an enterprise-wide system will help.

At stage 4, the network is humming, performance dashboards are being developed and used.  Now we want to see what the future may bring... what will happen if these trends persist for another year? what will need to happen to reduce our risk?

When it comes to hands-on experience applying the principles found in this book, CapstoneBI experts solve tough BI technology issues daily, with companies at ALL stages listed above.  We're on some challenging high-profile projects now.  Aside from the technical experience we bring to the table, our team is made up of good people who innately respect and enjoy helping the professionals we work with.

Sync up with us... check out our CapstoneBI website and technical blog, Notes from the Field... if you have questions don't hesitate to be in touch.  We're always looking for new clients who have BI implementation challenges we can help solve... and we're looking for skilled and experienced BI consultants to join our team.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jason Morales
Director, CapstoneBI

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