Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tableau Blog - US Oil Imports in 2008

Response to a blog post published by Ross Perez of Tableau 

In previous BI Update posts, I’ve shared links to and expressed my enthusiasm for recent efforts by the Federal Government to expand public access to public information.

So I was thrilled to see a recent blog - US Oil Imports in 2008 – with interactive bar charts that you can click on to analyze US oil imports and exports in 2008.  The dimensions you can analyze the data by are:

# Barrels of Oil
By Export Country
By Import State
By Company (Oil Importer)
By Month

When I click on IRAQ in the “Country of Export” chart, I can immediately see which States imported oil from Iraq and through which Companies.  I can check out import trends over the past year.  The data visualizations compel me to look at the information in a new way.

Below the charts, there are also several buttons that you don’t want to overlook which help make this information actionable and useful to others, including buttons to...

View Data
Print to PDF
Revert All

I highly suggest checking out the Tableau blog archives and Visual Examples site when you have some free time… these resources are bound to get you thinking, and wishing you could look at more information in these ways!


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