Friday, January 8, 2010

Developing a Culture of Performance with Microsoft BI


If you expect to be in the loop regarding Microsoft's BI strategy, then it's imperative you follow the work of my friend and former colleague on the Microsoft BI team, Bruno Aziza

Bruno approaches BI with a business-minded perspective (as opposed to a purely technical perspective) with a keen focus on the real purpose of BI drive performance and cultivate success.  In fact, he co-authored a book on the topic (see below) as part of the Microsoft Executive Learning Series.

I recommend joining the LinkedIn Group that Bruno moderates, The Culture of Performance... and if you tweet, you'll find him there too.

Notable upcoming events in January include:

Developing a Culture of Performance in Retail
Held at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 99th Annual Convention
Hosted by Bruno Aziza and Henrik Amsinck, CIO of Lego Group
Jan 12, 1:45-3:30pm
Click here for more info

Building a Culture of Performance | Analytical Paradox & User Centricity
Webcast Series moderated by Bruno Aziza and Extended Results
Hosted by Bob O'Brien, Sr Director Business Analytics Media & Entertainment Group
Jan 20, 2pm EST
Click here to register


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  1. Alright, you gotta love this - "Culture of performance". Performance requires a clear process to follow, no deviance from standard processes as how Henry Ford said, you can have any color of Model T as long as it is black.

    But fast forward and what we see - chaos? Why? Because we are moving too fast, we are past industrial age. Don't believe it? How many times you checked your mobile for an SMS or e-mail while reading this post? But one step further, chaos breeds opportunity, and opportunity when properly harvested brings in money. And as such less desire for stable, standardized, process and performance driven enterprise. You won't believe it - assess your organization whether does all things listed here well.