Monday, December 6, 2010

Webcast Update: Using OLAP to Optimize and Maintain Predictive Analytics Models

This Friday, PASS DW/BI Virtual Chapter Presents:
Using OLAP to Optimize and Maintain Predictive Analytics Models
Presenter: Eugene Asahara
Fri 12/10/2010 12pm EST

Topic Description:
In complex Predictive Analytics (PA) scenarios where it is being applied to a complex system or the players involved are actually trying to undermine the predictions (ex: credit card fraud), the sophistication of the PA must be taken up a notch or two. In this Webcast I will describe techniques for building sophisticated PA systems on the Microsoft BI Stack by using OLAP to:
• Analyze, validate, and optimize PA models.
• Manage and Monitor the performance of the PA models in a Performance Management style.
• Surface PA results to end users in a manner that allows them to work through the ambiguity that remains around predictions.

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