Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100% of companies using CLARITY FSR™ for their SEC XBRL submission successfully file without any EDGAR XBRL validation errors

Big news from our partner, Clarity Systems, regarding their Financial Reporting & Governance product, Clarity FSR.

FSR is the ONLY major XBRL creation software that filed without validation errors… are you kidding me?  This year, many of these companies were required to perform detailed XBRL tagging for the first time.

Read the Press Release

I’ve seen FSR in action and I can understand why Clarity’s clients have been so successful.  Beyond XBRL tagging, FSR provides an elegant and easy-to-use platform for simplifying the financial reporting process, particularly in the final stages of disclosure.

Contact Us if you’d like to see a demo of Clarity FSR… no doubt you’ll be impressed!

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