Thursday, August 12, 2010

Using Excel 2007 for Analysis Services (SSAS)

I was asked by a client today if I had run across any good books or training that focus on cube functions in Excel. 

Immediately, Mr Excel came to mind.  I ran a quick search and it looks like Pivot Table Data Crunching Excel 2007 might be worth checking out.

Otherwise, here are some additional resources that look useful…

Virtual Labs
Developing Business Intelligence Applications
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services – Pervasive Analysis through 2007 Microsoft Office Excel
Business Intelligence in Excel 2007 Pivot Tables and Analysis Services

Excel 2007 – Building Business Intelligence Solutions Using Excel and SQL Server 2005 Analysis

Excel 2007 Help and How-to
List of worksheet functions (by category) – cube functions

Microsoft Excel 2010 Blog
Using Excel & Excel Services with SQL Server Analysis Services 2008
CUBE Functions Part 1
CUBE Functions 2: A Few Examples
CUBE Functions 3: Formula AutoComplete revisited
CUBE Functions 4: Deconstructing the PivotTable

Please comment with your feedback if you find any of these resources particularly useful (or bad), and if there are additional guides, books, webcasts, online trainings on this subject that you really like!


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